I charge per face in the portrait. 

Size -  8" x 10"- $200 per face

           11" x 14" - $250 per face 

          18" x 24" - $350 per face  

Framed and matted works are an additional $75 flat rate

Shipping not included

Dog and cat portraits

Size - 8" x 11" - $150per face 

          11" x 14" -$200 per face 

         18" x 24" - $300 per face 



Charcoal Commissions

Charcoal portraits can be in irreplaceable heirloom that will make the greatest gift to yourself or to your loved ones. 

How it works:

1. Send 5-10 images* of the person or persons you wish to have turned into a charcoal portrait to bethdixonwelch@gmail.com

2. I will let you know the top two images that will translate into the best portrait possible.**

3. You choose your favorite image and let me know your decision via email or text. 

4. Half of the payment is put down either by mailing a check or meeting in person.

5. I get to work and present you with your portrait in 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece. If you give me your phone number and can receive pictures via text, I will send you multiple progress shots as the portrait progresses. 

6. I will send you a final image of the piece. At this time you may make minor change requests to be adjusted in the final stages.

7. Once the final image has been approved I ship or deliver your piece to you as soon as the final payment is made. 


*Some images might not translate into the best charcoal drawings. I get you to send me many options so that I can use my artistic eye to give you the best portrait possible. 

**Note, if you use an iPhone to take the images that you send it may be difficult to translate into a drawing. Often times, there is a lot of pixilation and blurriness from iPhone photos. As technology advances I feel that this will not always be the case. Just remember that the portrait will only be as good as the reference photo. 

I can do a photoshoot for you if you request one for an additional $100 if you do not already have a favorite image.