Artist Statement

My work visually describes a unique perspective on the connection between humanity, environment, and memory. The vessels in my paintings are purposefully placed in fictional landscapes in order to reveal specific moods. Pulling the viewer in, I will often let the wood grain dictate the flow of the water in my paintings by applying a thin layer of oil paint to the surface of the panel. Each piece is purposefully ambiguous enough to have the adaptability for individuals to apply their own story to the narrative. Whether the vessels are reaching to connect with a cherished friend, or merely reaching for a different version of themselves, their narrative gives the piece a story the viewer can relate to.

My semi realistic style allows the viewer to focus on the significant message I wish to portray within the work. Also, the colorization of certain works provides an overall feeling to the piece. These feelings can portray anxiety, calm, misery, loneliness and eeriness, and simultaneously emphasize the significance of the complimentary color concealed or emphasized within the piece. These works are a reflection of the culture and decisions we are faced with on a daily basis and our reaction to the world around us.

The beautiful language of visual communication has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. The power of an oil painting’s ability to revealed a story or conveyed a mood, simply with the power of color, shape, and form, have captured my attention and resonated with me throughout most of my life. I find peace in the repetition of creating paintings that will fit into the rhythm of everyday life. Perhaps my depictions of the world surrounding me will persuade individuals to take a moment and enjoy the beauty of a simple painting. I hope the viewer looks upon my work and thinks about their personal interactions and cherishes the importance of being able to love, live, and communicate successfully.