I use the camera as a means to cope with the aftermath of my mother's stroke. I feel that sickness within a family can change every aspect of that family's known world. My father's role as a constant caregiver of my mother has greatly influenced my view of him as a man and husband. I share his day to day triumphs and struggles that he faces with a wife with only half of a functioning brain. My mothers depression and new "confused" way of living have influenced the way I view sickness. My mother constantly tried new diets and even had weight loss surgery. Nothing prevailed because she could not resist the sugar that bombarded her in the grocery store, every holiday, and her sense of identity of being a great cook.  I know that my mother would not have chosen this life, however, we now must adapt our lives around her illness. If our society does not change its eating habits my story will become one of many children feeling the pain for their parent's addiction to a fuel they must receive on a daily basis. I hope that my work raises awareness to the consequences of poor decision making about dietary issues and inspires others to be aware of caretakers of loved ones and victims of obesity everywhere.